Danny Skinner's love of motorsports drove him to a career as a mechanic building supercars for F1 powerhouse McLaren in Woking. Danny soon moved to join their Pure programme supporting McLaren customers and fine tuning their cars for track days, or to race for the McLaren Cup - the McLaren GT4 Championship. The championship gave Danny the chance to travel around the world but the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to his employment and he found a new role working in an electric scooter workshop.

Fellow eSC rider Jordan Rand got in touch about acquiring a scooter and that alerted Danny to eSC. In preparation for the series, the 35-year-old has lost 25kg to give himself a competitive advantage and is relishing the opportunity to compete against the opposition.

“There’s no doubt being lighter will help in braking and accelerating,” he says. “But I’ve noticed in the trials that the taller riders are able to give themselves a decent push off the line to improve their getaway - so we shall see…”

While he has driven karts for recreation, Skinner has never had the opportunity take up professional motorsport prior to entering eSC.