Inspired by the trickery and daredevil action of YouTubers Dude Perfect and MrBeast, Antoine Magalhaes picked up a camera and a scooter and started making his own videos. Ten years on and the Parisian has 1.5million subscribers and credits his success to focussing on freestyle scootering. But that hasn’t stopped him taking on ever-more outlandish challenges. In one video he built a modified aquatic scooter and rode it solo across the English Channel. The feat took a mere eight hours…

Fresh-faced and full of energy, Antoine prides himself on his healthy lifestyle and clean living. He runs 10K each morning and has competed in volleyball, taekwondo and table tennis. His proudest moment was when demonstrated his scooter skills for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

The Frenchman is also an entrepreneur, selling clothes and accessories through his Scoot 2 Street (S2S) brand who at the age of 18, he took off around the world, with little more than a backpack and visited skate parks in China, Australia, the USA and across Europe. Now living in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, Antonie says he’s always looking to push himself. “The bigger the challenge, the better,” he says with a broad grin.